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Best Hangover Curing Breakfast in Liverpool City Centre

We all know the most important meal of the day is breakfast, which is why we think it’s important for you to know the very best sports around the city to get your first meal of the day. 

Getting breakfast in Liverpool city centre, you’ll be happy to hear, is as easy as pie. There are so many cafes and eateries dotted around that it can be difficult to figure out which are the best of them – but don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

Here’s our roundup of the very best breakfasts you can get in Liverpool city centre.


This place takes breakfast very – very – seriously, so you know when you sit down for a Clockworks full english, it really is a ‘full’ english. They pride themselves on putting slight twists on classic recipes though, so there’s a slice of unpredictability to their dishes also.

It’s in Wolstenholme Square in the Ropewalks, just a short walk from the city centre, in a building that’s stood for over 200 years, making Clockworks a little bit of Liverpool history. If you choose these guys as your breakfast destination, you’re in for a classy venue, cracking flavours and proper service from an independently owned restaurant.

Castle Street Townhouse

This place is about as city centre as they come, being located on, you guessed it, Castle Street. The place has a gorgeous interior and outdoor seating options, making it the perfect place for a lazy morning breakfast with a few friends.

Breakfast is on everyday from 9am to 12pm, and they even offer bottomless brunches for anyone looking to get started early. But despite their extensive drinks options, it’s all about the grub, as their breakfast options are incredibly diverse and professionally put together.

Cosy Club

This one is actually a relative newcomer compared to the rest of the entries on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less desirable. Located on the aptly named Paradise Street right by Liverpool One, Cosy Club is a regular destination for Liverpudlians who have taken it a little too hard on the booze the night before, and with good reason.

Their breakfast menu is as delicious as it is vast – offering everything from classic bacon and eggs to bubble and squeak and buttermilk pancakes, so there’s something for everyone if you choose Cosy Club as your breakfast destination.

Shiraz Palace

This place is pretty much a famous breakfast place for residents of the city, which might seem a little strange at first glance given that it’s a Mediteranian themed restaurant. Being right next to Lime Street station though, it’s in the perfect location for people to flock to on a morning, and although they specialise in european food, their full english is everything you want in a breakfast.

The place just feels like a fairytale when you’re inside, impressively decorated with bright colours and fairy lights up in the high ceilings that make it feel more like a 5 star eatery than a typical restaurant. If this sounds like a bit of you (and let’s be honest, it definitely does) then head down to their place on Ranelagh Street. 

The Baltic Hotel

Imagine being hungover, waking up in a super comfy bed and heading downstairs to have someone make you a delicious breakfast (and a Mimosa if you’re in the mood) – sound like a dream? That’s the joy of staying in a hotel with amazing chefs who can whip you up anything from pancakes and waffles to full English breakfasts or a simple omelette. Whatever your hungover head needs, Baltic will sort you out!

View the Baltic Hotel breakfast menu here.

Dale Street Kitchen

No prizes for guessing where this place is located, although in a way the real prize is knowing where to get one of the best looking breakfasts in the entire city, so there’s that. They serve a classic version of the full english, with a build-your-own twist on it, which looks simply marvelous.

But they also offer a massive range of fruit smoothies on their menu, which, if you’ve never had one, you definitely need to. There is no better hangover cure than a massive fry up and a few fruit smoothies, making this Dale Street cafe one of the must-go places if you’re visiting the city and planning on enjoying the nightlife.

Keylime Coffee

Keylime Coffee is based in the St Johns shopping centre, which might not sound immediately like a fantastic location, but hear us out. Its within walking distance of almost all the major hotels in the city centre, they offer a massive variety of drinks (hot and cold) and also have more breakfast options than most cafes in the city.

Their menu is absolutely massive, and they even offer to make milkshakes of all kinds of different flavours (go for the peanut butter and jelly one, we dare you) so there’s just no way whatsoever that you’ll be disappointed with all the choices here.

Moose Coffee

It might sound a little off-beat, but Moose Coffee is all about American and Canadian food. They serve a massive range of alternative breakfast dishes, including French Toast, Bronx Brunch and Double Dutch, so if you’re looking for an early meal that’s a little different, this is probably the best place to try.

It’s just on Dale Street as well, making it less than a short walk away from the docks and city centre, so it’s in the ideal location to cap off your early morning stroll with a breakfast belgian waffle – yes, they do waffles.


Bold Street is where you need to be to check out this little breakfast retreat, which is super close to Liverpool Central train station and right in the middle of the city’s hustle-and-bustle. You’ve got your traditional English breakfasts on the menu, that’s a given, but there’s also some alternative options like Turkish eggs and the Dosa pancake for people who want to mix it up a little.

On an unrelated note, they also have some great options on their lunch menu, so definitely get stuck into this place if you’re looking for a cafe to be your regular.

The Quarter

This one’s slightly out of your way if you’re in the city centre proper, but trust us, the trip will be worth it. The Quarter is located on Falkner Street, which is close to the anglican cathedral and about a 15 minute walk from Liverpool Central.

This place caters for everyone, offering everything breakfast from a traditional full English to humble beans on toast (nothing wrong with beans on toast guys). They’ll do your eggs in (near enough) any way you want them, so this is a great place to visit if you’re a little fussy about how you have your food. 

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